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We Don't Need no Stinking Broadband Stimulus Dollars

Just when you thought the broadband stimulus funds had been allocated and it was time to move on to other things word comes from TMC's Paula Bernier that many companies are rejecting the funds because the administration wants to ensure...

Social Media Helps Americans Come Together Peacefully

The American people - citizens of all nationalities have come together to send a message to Republicans and Democrats. The message? Stop the spending. Clinton spent responsibly, Bush didn't and Obama took the runaway spending of the Bush years and...

McCain To Support Technology

It has been pretty shocking to me to see that the Bush Administration did not embrace technology in a more grand fashion. After all, Vice President Al Gore was so enthusiastic about the Internet he even claimed to invent it.So...

How Business Can Learn From Obama

I came across an article which shows how a small company can use the methods Obama utilized in the election to help them compete with big players in the market. Some of the examples include how a small hardware store...

White House E-mail Controversy

I just came across this summary of the White House missing e-mail fiasco and I am pretty blown away at just how out of touch Washington is with technology. I knew that this administration was tech-phobic when Dick Cheney was...

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Tehrani

A friend of my sister’s sent over this picture of my sister Michelle Tehrani and Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton and Michelle were at a function together in the city. The picture is about a year old and I thought it...
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