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The New Mobile VoIP business Opportunity

A simple test to determine who is a true telecom veteran is to ask them simply have you heard of Harry Newton. Harry was the ultimate character and the most polarizing figure I knew in telecom. The man was responsible...

Dr. Dobbs Journal Goes Away

In full disclosure TMC competes with the company formerly known as CMP (now Techweb) but I am still very sad the company stopped printing Dr. Dobbs Journal. Although I run a global integrated media company today my background is engineering...

Google Releases 2001 Search

Google recently celebrated its 10 year birthday and the present it gives us is the ability to search the company's index from the past. 1998 is not available due to technical reasons but 2001 is. This is a great year...

Superconducting Error

So there was this big hoopla last week about superconducting material which works at room temperature. This discovery would have revolutionized the world as we know it. It would have been responsible for better and faster electronics, as well...

Vista Reseller Webinar

I just noticed a webinar helping VARs who focus on reselling Microsoft Vista. I thought this may be of interest to resellers and worth passing on. The webinar is hosted by CMP and the details are here....

GlobalComm Vs. TelecomNext

There have been more complaints about the TelecomNext show than any event in telecom for 5 years. The conferences apparently are first-rate but there seems to be very low exhibit hall traffic. I did not attend TelecomNext by the way....
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