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Did Social Just Make UC Irrelevant?

If you are working with a phone system maker who isn’t innovating rapidly, beware - their days could be numbered. I hate to be sensational but you have to wonder, with real-time video & voice communications embedded into social networks...

Voice Carrier Wants a Big Piece of the SMB VoIP Pie

The business VoIP market has a tremendous amount of growth potential based on a recent FCC report I highlighted last week. And perhaps the most exciting aspect of the market is there is no single leading player which comes to...

A Tale of Bribery, Cockroaches and Raid

 One of the most fascinating articles I have read in a long while is about the Siemens global bribery scandal where the company spent $1.4 billion on bribes from 2001 to 2007. Of that, get this - telecom accounted for...

IPitomy: Branica's Latest Creation

Nick Branica is one of the few living legends in telecom having been responsible for the voicemail vendor Key Voice Technologies. This company was purchased in the nineties by Comdial and is credited by many for allowing Comdial to stay...
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