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British Blackberry Humor

Gotta love the Brits - much of my family lived in England at one point so I often get a taste of the dry English sense of humor at family gatherings. This is how British comedians poke fun at the...

Dvorak on Bill Gates/Seinfeld Ad

I just couldn't help busting out with laughter as I read the John Dvorak analysis of the Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates ad which I recently wrote about. If you are looking for humor mixed in with your tech, it is...

The Old Muppet Guys

As part of my regular weekend diversions I suggest you check out the old guys from the Muppets. The Internet -- a place full of sarcasm and the one place where the pair belong. This is a 4-part series totaling...

RIP George Carlin

When I was around 12, I was exposed to George Carlin comedy for the first time. I was always fascinated by this man. He thought of things which were so obvious but only after he told you they were obvious....

Border Patrol Benny Hill Style

A great video for weekend viewing comes courtesy of Texas law enforcement or is it the border patrol? This is perhaps the funniest real-life video out there. <a href="" _fcksavedurl="">Traffic Stop, Texas Style</a> on <a href="" _fcksavedurl=""></a>...

Latest JibJab

This is perhaps the latest JibJab. It was forwarded to me today so I am sticking with this concept. Loyal readers please let me know if I am incorrect. This is media related and average in terms of humor....
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