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The Uber Tip Veterans Know and Use

On my Uber ride today the driver told me more and more of his customers at the airport are using a novel way to connect with him. The particular airport I flew out of didn't allow Uber so the drivers...

Finsphere and Visa Just Made Credit Cards Smarter

One of the biggest credit card challenges for users is seeing charges get declined because of potential fraud. In families and many companies, a central card can be shared by many people and when the credit card company flags a...

IBM: Digital Darwinism May Kill You

In a candid IBM interview, Carl Ford of Crossfire Media spoke with Blair Reeves who said companies should spend less time on advertising and worrying about various channels and instead focus more on putting customers at the center of their...

Walmart To Go is Webvan 2.0

Have we finally broken the barrier to same day delivery? During the dotcom boom, Webvan and Peapod were going to change the world and when things went bust and both companies had to deal with the realities of massive infrastructure...

Cablevision Allows E-Mail Sign-ups in TV Ads

Yes Virginia, cable companies are innovating Just yesterday I discussed in an article about Cisco Quad that it is very hard it is to determine who the leaders in tech will be in the future. And today when I learned...

Will Google Start a China Boycott?

I came across an article on the hazardous materials being used in Chinese jewelry and sold to American children and I immediately forwarded it to some friends and relatives who have children and/or are uncles or aunts. These are two...
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