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Sleeping Spouses Rejoice: TV Ads get Quieter

Federal government intrusion into the lives of its citizens has gotten pretty bad these past ten years and it seems we lose rights and more privacy each month. I'll be on an airplane later today and the whole removing shoes,...

Nexus One: A $350 Penalty so you can Access AT&T?

Two years ago I discussed how Sharper Image could change the way cellphones are sold in the US - they offered an array of unlocked phones and the retailer seemed like the right kind of outlet to make the change...

Second Gates/Seinfeld Ad Better

The second installment of the Microsoft Bill Gates Jerry Seinfeld advertising campaign is surprisingly better than the first. It is just as confusing but there was something about it which compelled me to watch and have real interest in what...

Dvorak on Bill Gates/Seinfeld Ad

I just couldn't help busting out with laughter as I read the John Dvorak analysis of the Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates ad which I recently wrote about. If you are looking for humor mixed in with your tech, it is...
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