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Commodore 64 Returns

My first computer - and the product which helped set me down the career path I now enjoy was a Commodore 64. Truth be told I was fascinated by electronic calculators at age 11 and then Pong and Space Invaders...

Why Silicon Valley won The Tech War with Boston

Just a kid, that's all I was in the early eighties in high school as I took a class in BASIC. I was always fascinated by all things electronic and whether it was video games or advanced scientific calculators, I...

An Amazing Week for Wireless at CTIA

Where is my Mobile Data? An overwhelming amount of wireless, communications and tech news is the best way to describe the last few weeks. Perhaps one of the most important nuggets is a catastrophic loss of T-Mobile USA Sidekick customer...


Now I don’t want to take too much credit here but TMC is probably where it is today in part because of the Commodore 64. In 1982 a computer consultant dropped a computer system into TMC but didn’t program it....
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