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Any business can use a shot in the arm. While you're at it why not put some steroids in that shot? Hey if they can do it in professional sports, why not try it in your company? Of course I...

Unified Communications

Cisco's John Chambers reported at a keynote speech at VoiceCon that Cisco has increased production 10% a year and are cutting travel by 27% in 2006 due to Unified Communications....

Tom Ridge

I got a chance to speak with Governor Tom Ridge yesterday regarding his upcoming keynote at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo (ITEXPO). In case you aren't aware he is currently sitting on the board of Vonage and he says he...

Spanish TMCnet

We are really excited about our TMCnet in EspaƱol site. We are receiving much positive feedback on the content. For me, this endeavor is truly unusual as I cannot fully understand Spanish. I have a wonderful team of people that...

O Breakthrough

What are they putting in the water in Canada? There is tremendous innovation coming from the Great White North. I would list some of the companies that are wowing me with forward-looking concepts and ideas but with my luck I...


I have written about an imbalance between the vendor market and businesses when it comes to hosting. I see more interest in hosting from the vendor community than I have from businesses. I wonder if all the new hosted communications...
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