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MIT Research Satisfies Need for Broadband Speed

 If you happen to be downloading a movie this weekend and wait longer than you like you'll be happy to know MIT researcher Vincent Chan said that that replacing electrical signals inside the routers with faster optical signals would make...

Data Exfiltration: Defined

Data -- even if it is unclassified, can be a problem for our government or any organization-- if it gets in the wrong hands in sufficient quantities. I was reminded of this fact while reading this article from Kevin G....

Move Avatar Buzz

You have heard me go on and on about avatars in the past. Here are some of my recent blog posts in fact:Mobile Virtual Worlds Emerge There are so many communications companies pushing products and services revolving around virtual worlds,...

Ballmer on Android

In case you are interested in Steve Ballmer’s response to Google’s entry into the mobile phone market, check this story out.  ...
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