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650 IBM Blockchain Workers Look to Save us Billions

IBM was early to Linux - one of the first major companies to promote the open-source OS and as a result they had years of growth, riding on its coat tails. Now, blockchain is the hot area for the company....

IBM Brocade Relationship Trouble for Cisco?

If you ask Cisco publically what they think of IBM you will get nothing but praise. In fact Cisco counts IBM as a major partner and IBM does the same with Cisco. Oftentimes the companies even promote technologies like collaboration...

Learn From IBM: Add Services

IBM has shown us that services are a great way to keep your revenue stable or even growing in a slowdown. When companies slash jobs they still need to get work done and this is where companies with strong service...

What the HP/EDS Deal Means

When you look around the tech market you see factors which suck the profit out of every nook and cranny. In hardware there is a trend towards standards-based hardware which is not slowing down. As this trend continues, prices shrink...

IBM's Unified Communications Predictions

I have had over two dozen meetings with companies in the communications space these past two weeks and it is my sincere goal to be able to share the most important parts of each meeting with you. In the mean...
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