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International Datacasting Corporation Update

I had a chance to sit down with Fred Godard the President and CEO and Christine Rozak, the Director of Marketing at International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) to learn more about the company’s activity in the satellite and related markets. Based...

Thrane & Thrane Update

I recently had a chance to sit with Ron Lockerby of Thrane & Thrane to learn about what was new with the company’s satellite product line which serves a diverse set of markets such as maritime, aeronautical and land mobile....

Harmonic Update

I recently had a chance to chat with Ian Jefferson, VP Sales & Biz Dev at Harmonic to learn more about his company which provides video solutions to a variety of spaces from telco to satellite. Recently the company purchased...

Optibase Update

Recently I had a chance to sit down with Optibase VP of Sales, Mike Chorpash to talk about his company which focuses on advanced video solutions. There isn’t much new to report – you may recall TMC reported the company...

Fujitsu IP-900 Increases Broadcast Efficiency

“Twenty years ago the idea that a cable company would be buying NBC was shocking,” was a salient quote during an interview with Fujitsu VP Keith Dunford and Erin Sun the Senior Marketing Manager at the Content and Communications...
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