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Pimp My Phone

The Upcoming Era of Deep Telephony Personalization and How Tellabs Wants to Help Carriers make it Happen As the global population grows it seems the desire for each of us to do things differently from others will only grow. Just...

Would You Spend $5 For E911?

Verizon is thinking about offering a $5/month landline for incoming calls and E911 access. Another idea is a $10/month line for limited local calls. These offers would be available only to the company's broadband customers and the idea is to...

Verizon Goes 100% VoIP in 7 years

While many in the VoIP blogging space worry about the future of VoIP and discuss its death, major telcos announce they will shed all copper and go 100% VoIP in seven years. Ironic and some may want to reread my...
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