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TMCnet Reviews magicJack Plus

TMCnet's Tom Keating reviews magicJack Plus which I first discussed last December and he is impressed - specifically with its ability to utilize both Ethernet and USB - meaning a hotel room for example where only a WiFi connection exists...

VoIP Veteran Tribolet Joins magicJack Vocaltec

Michael Tribolet is a true IP communications veteran and was the Vice President of Operations at Dialpad - a VoIP leader in the nineties. He then went to Vonage America and became President. He also worked at Managing Director and...

MagicTalk and MagicJack Plus Coming Soon

I’ve followed the IP communications business for well over a decade and in 1997 my company TMC decided to launch a publication called Internet Telephony to focus on what we believed would be a massive trend towards IP communications. At first...
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