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Wireless SIP Endpoints from Panasonic

Check out the latest SIP endpoints from Panasonic which were showcased in this video this past month at ITEXPO in Los Angeles. The TGP500 supports up to 6 additional SIP endpoints and 8 SIP registrations - it even works with...

Plantronics Savi W430 Designed for Performance and Your Inner-Geek

 When advising entrepreneurs how best to explain their products to customers to minimize the barrier to adoption, I often say focus on the solutions your product or service provides. At the end of the day, we all have problems and...

Ooma, the FCC-Backed Phone Company

There are a number of bright spots in the IP communications space as evidenced by the last ITEXPO in Miami but the consumer market is not one which you would imagine tops the list. Sure, there is massive growth in...

Aastra 57i and 57i CT Reviewed

Aastra is a great engineering company and they have a really interesting phone -- the 57i CT which has a DECT base-station built-in, allowing a second cordless phone to follow you around a 300,000 square foot (27,870 square meter) area,...

DECT Extends the Cell Phone

Here is the challenge with today's mobile devices. They are generally good at some things and bad at others. You need a device and a set of chargers for various functions. For example, on your vacation -- you need a...

Google Buying Plaxo?

Another day, another Google purchase rumor. This time it is Plaxo, the company that stores online business contact details. This company recently launched something called Pulse which allows you to decide if someone is a business or personal contact. I...
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