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Ooma Telo Coming Soon

When I last caught up with Ooma in New York I had a chance to learn about their slick new Telo device which looks like a blend of art and communications. I have always been a fan of Bang &...

Canadian ISPs Abhor Net Neutrality

It is amazing to me that virtually all ISPs in Canada admit to filtering traffic. Many of the providers in the great white north argue traffic shaping is essential as it ensures customers get their contracted speeds. Typically the target...

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Vs. Privacy

Over ten years ago many privacy advocates worried about Alexa as it was a company using a web toolbar in order to determine what users were doing online. Amazon eventually purchased the company and now Alexa has become a...

Deep Packet Inspection Concerns

There are numerous reasons for service providers to engage in deep packet inspection -- the practice of analyzing packets and understanding what type of data is contained therein. One simple reason to do this is to prioritize certain types of...

AT&T and Net Neutrality

In case you missed it, Slate has an article worth reading titled Has AT&T Lost its mind. It talks about the idea of AT&T filtering web packets via deep packet inspection. I touched on this topic as well in the...

AT&T to Filter Web Traffic?

It is very scary to read an article on the New York Times website about AT&T openly admitting the fact they may be soon filtering internet traffic. I can think of no scarier thing and there should be no need...
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