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6 Billion Reasons for AT&T to get the Deal Done

The ramifications of the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile USA not going through due to a DoJ lawsuit is concessions to Deutsche Telekom worth $6 billion. Obviously this is a massive number - let's call it a potential management head-rolling number...

Transera, OneChip Photonics, Apture and JahJah Funding a Trend?

 Today, I came across a number of funding announcements and it has been some time since I have seen four in the same day. The first big news is from Transera where they raised $17 million to grow their hosted...

Europe Opens the iPhone Market

Recently I posted an article regarding the strategic advantage afforded the country with the most wireless device choice. In summary – if mobile devices increase productivity then having the best mobile device for your particular application means a higher likelihood...
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