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All About the API: The One Developer Event You Need

OK, I am going to start off by taking back the headline of this post... There isn't one of anything you need. If you have a sports car, you likely also need an SUV so your kids cramped in the...

HTML5 Continues to Be Big Tech News

HTML5 is being embraced by virtually every company as it a cross-platform solution to getting your content in front of users without the need for app stores or developing customized solutions for each device and OS you would like to...

HTML5 Conference DevCon5 Launches in New York This July

Dear readers, I have some great news - you know I am a huge fan of HTML5 and I want to do everything I can to facilitate its acceptance by developers, carriers and end users. Back in January of 2008...

iPhone Apps For Developers

I came across this overview of developer tools for the iPhone and it well written and informative. Some of these are very useful including FTP, shell access, telnet, file transfer, network troubleshooting and more.Frankly, I don't program much or at...

Communications Developer Call for Papers

Be sure to submit your call for papers entries for the Communications Developer show which will be collocated with ITEXPO later this year in the Los Angeles, California Convention Center. The specific dates of the event will be September 16-18,...
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