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Ellen Pao and California Senate Point to a Huge Valley Harassment Problem

Ellen Pao has a new book coming out "Reset." you might recall she was a poster child for Silicon Valley sexual harassment a few years ago in her lawsuit   against Kleiner Perkins which she ended up losing.But back to...

EEOC Finds Silicon Valley filled with Racist, Sexist Criminals

Expect the summer of deflection to continue. I have discovered the reason that there is a lack of diversity in Silicon Valley. It is because HR managers there are actively discriminating against women and minorities. Michelle Maisto over at eWeek...

Shocking! Russia Can't Compete With Silicon Valley

Over five years ago, Russia started an ambitious Go Russia! project to take on Silicon Valley with the ambitious goal of housing 50,000 researchers and technologists in a town called Skolkovo by 2020.I was immediately skeptical and in a meandering...
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