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Meet Dan York at ITEXPO East 2011

I just came across a blog post from Dan York the intellectual power behind the Disruptive Telephony blog and Director of Conversations at Voxeo. In his post he mentions he will be at ITEXPO and collocated events and even posted...

Skype Does SIP Trunking

Skype announced today that it is getting into the SIP trunking business by allowing native SIP calls to be connected directly to its network allowing enterprise communications systems to communicate seamlessly with Skype's network of users. During the Beta period,...

ITEXPO East 2009 Blog Roundup

Yesterday, a number of people blogged about ITEXPO and discussed what they will be doing at the show. It seemed like a good weekend project to assemble some of these posts in one place so you can join in the...

Skype Kills Hotel Internet

Looks like Dan York has the same problem with “Skypee” that I had. Dan, don’t you know you need to turn off the “Skypee” to get to the internet? Seriously – if you travel you should read Dan’s post and...
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