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Broadsoft CEO Not Happy with Trump Immigration Policy

Silicon Valley is not happy with president Trump and CEOs all seem to be coming out with statements which oppose his actions. Actually, tech companies beyond the valley seem to hold the same views.BroadSoft CEO Michael Tessler is no exception....

Most Successful Woman in Tech Earns $41 Million!

There has been tremendous emphasis on increasing diversity in the tech world... African American representation has been quite low, so has Hispanic and female participation. The reward however, if you make it to the very top can be quite good.A...

How TaskRabbit's CEO Can Help Diversify Tech

It’s one thing to talk about increasing diversity at your company. It’s another to both recognize there’s a need to take steps to better balance opportunity and representation for different types of people, and then put the processes, goals, and...

Should You Sell Companies that Actively add Diversity

Something fascinating is happening in the world of tech. It would seem that based on the comments of some, the entire industry is racist and has somehow avoided lawsuits. As a result of high-profile accusations, Twitter like others in silicon...
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