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Why IoT Companies Will Soon be Chasing Lumavate

Few people have heard of Lumavate but at the conclusion of this post you'll be convinced that they likely point to the future of at least one segment of the IoT market.Before we get into the company, lets delve into...

The Turnover Epidemic and the Toll it Takes

As I look out at the technology landscape I find it surprising that replacements of marketing personnel whether initiated by the company or people resigning seems to be near an all-time high. As I have stated before, the job of...

Giving Back to At-Risk Youth

I love to see companies give back to their communities and people in need. In fact you may have noticed as of late I have become an advocate of smaller government with far less overhead and taxes; in-part so organizations...

ITEXPO West 2009 Keynote: Dr. Don Brown

After an introduction for me, Dr. Don Brown, a true communications visionary and veteran began a presentation at ITEXPO West 2009 which asked where the value was in communications. He explained CEBP and unified communications were terms made up by...

Interactive Intelligence has Record Quarter

In a challenging economic environment, what can one say about the financial performance of Interactive Intelligence? Consider this: quartlerly revenue of $29.5 million; up 21 percent over revenues of $24.3 million in the same quarter last year. I must admit...
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