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The ISPS Strike Back

In the quest for behavioral targeting, companies who control ad networks have been working as hard as possible to allow advertisers to reach web surfers based on their online behavior and not just what page they happen to be on....

Online Advertising Growth at 25%

Online advertising grew at 25% this year and the advertising industry thinks it would have grown at a much greater rate if there were more accurate ways to measure web traffic. Having been in a number of advertiser meetings myself...

Microsoft/Facebook Analysis

I recently wrote that the investment in Facebook by Microsoft is a great win for the Redmond-based software company. John Dvorak sees it differently. Mr. Dvorak is one of the best tech writers I know and I have been reading...

Armani, Samsung, Google and Microsoft

I am traveling today – and most of this week in fact. As I get ready to go, there are a few stories that have caught my eye this morning and may be worth a read. The first is the...

Google/DoubleClick Merger: Expert Opinion

Recently I wrote about the merger between Google and DoubleClick and subsequently I decided to get an outside perspective on this acquisition from Tim Vanderhook, CEO and founder of Specific Media a company specializing in behavioral targeting of advertising in...

Google Buys DoubleClick

Google reached an agreement today to purchase DoubleClick for $3.1 billion according to the New York Times. This is a significant accomplishment for Google as Microsoft too was interested in acquiring the display advertising server company.   DoubleClick serves the...
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