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What You May not Know About the AT&T T-Mobile Breakup

Most of my readers no doubt know that AT&T has decided not to pursue the acquisition of T-Mobile USA because the US government deemed the transaction would hurt consumers. One of the best articles I have seen on the matter...

Will AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Slow Wireless Innovation?

AT&T has done an incredible job of getting special interest group after group to endorse its merger with T-Mobile, saying it will provide better broadband access for minorities, rural subscribers and just about any group of people you can think...

Sprint Tries Desperately to Block AT&T, T-Mobile USA Merger

At a time when wireless broadband is becoming so important to US consumers and businesses, how can it make sense to have less choice in the market? Moreover, as carriers shift from all-you-can-eat pricing to a tiered system, isn't it...
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