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Yahoo! E-mail

One of the most interesting parts of the technology space is actually the hosted e-mail market, where Yahoo!, has recently done something amazing with their e-mail product allowing you to have infinite storage. Now there was a time when Google’s...

RIM Vs. Visto

Blackberry maker Research in Motion must have incorporated on Friday the 13th because they seem to continually be in the spotlight for patent infringement problems. This time it isn't NTP but Visto who wants (take a wild guess) an injunction...

Catastrophic E-Mail Failure

If you are so connected to e-mail that you feel compelled to purchase a Blackberry and an EVDO card so you can access e-mail at all times, you really are addicted. We call Blackberries Crackberries because they are just that...

E-mail Tax

Perhaps I an now spoiled by the open and free nature of the Internet but I am pretty annoyed that Yahoo and AOL are considering taxing e-mail by charging money to ensure messages are not marked as spam. Sure the...

Messaging Predictions

Here's what Ferris Research thinks will be the main projects/issues that messaging managers will be concerned with in 2006. They are in rough order of priority for the typical organization. Ferris Research is an analyst firm specializing in messaging and...

Return Receipt Frustration

First of all to everyone in the world, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!Even if you don't celebrate, have some turkey -- it is good for you. Lots of tryptophan and as a bonus it is low in fat and calories and high in...
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