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Predicting Recession: Google's Real Competitive Advantage

Being able to determine global trends before others is an amazing way to increase your chance for success and no one has better access to the needs and desires of the world users than Google. In 2003 just before blogging...

Recession is Over

Economists tell us the recession was over last summer causing them all to promptly be laid off. Just kidding - sort of....

Twitter Killing Economy ;-)

 OK this article which discusses Twitter killing the economy is satirical but it does seem coincidental that the more people get on the service the worse the stock market does. Maybe if Twitter were to merely speed up its service,...

The Real Cable Story

For those of you who just can't get enough information on the middle east cable outages, the Economist sheds some light on the story with a well-written piece containing lots of detail. Sadly they seem to discourage conspiracy theories making...

Google Bashing

John Battelle has some thoughts on a recent Economist article on Google which talks at length about the growing list of Google haters from telcos to television networks. According to the blog entry and article, one of the biggest challenges...
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