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Dialogic: The Software Powering Next-Gen Networks

Much of the communications solutions industry owes a debt of gratitude to Dialogic – the company that really helped pave the way for the once disparate worlds of voice and data to work together. The company was a major player...

Dialogic Connections First Morning

Dialogic's James Besley kicks things off this morning with enthusiasm. Talk of opportunity and the need to capitalize on it was part of the opening remarks. Besley said, "Dialogic has a very clear direction for the next 24 months and...

Dialogic Back After 7 Years

This Dialogic will be about IP not TDMIf you have been in the telecom business for five years or more you know the large shadow cast over the industry by Dialogic. In the mid-nineties the computer telephony/CTI market was booming...

Dialogic Repairs

I just got this e-mail and since I wasn't aware of companies that make Dialogic repairs, I figured others aren't aware either. So I decided to pass along this e-mail. I hope this information helps you. Good Luck.----Just read your...

VoIP/IP Communications Development Trends

The world of IP Communications is continuously evolving and this week's VoIP Developer Conference has afforded me the opportunity to speak with people from many companies who aren't allowed to officially disclose much about what they are doing. Most of...

Eicon Networks Buys Intel Dialogic Division

As I have been writing about for a few months, the Dialogic Division of Intel has been sold. Eicon Networks is the buyer and I am looking forward to finding out more details and sharing them with you.This is potentially...
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