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Tablets Cheaper Than Starbucks?

The price of electronics and telecommunications services have plummeted for decades in contrast to the cost of things like global wages or real estate in many parts of the world. We've gotten tot he point where Wal-Mart advertises tablets for...


I may have really screwed this prediction up. You remember yesterday when I said nobody wants the Kindle, the e-book reader from Amazon. Well apparently Amazon has announced today that they sold out of the units in stock. Normally this...

Costco Tightens Return Policy

AC_AX_RunContent( 'width','425','height','350','src','','type','application/x-shockwave-flash','movie','' ); //end AC code A New Electronics Return Policy Spells a Terrible Day for CRM   I frequently hear people talking about Costco’s amazing return policy and how they only purchase their electronics from the warehouse club....
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