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Most Successful Woman in Tech Earns $41 Million!

There has been tremendous emphasis on increasing diversity in the tech world... African American representation has been quite low, so has Hispanic and female participation. The reward however, if you make it to the very top can be quite good.A...

Nokia, RIM, Skype, Cisco and ITEXPO News August 30, 2010

Tech once again has been an amazingly vibrant market in the last week of August when news is generally slow. A recent trend has to do withtechnology companies playing nice with global governments to make sure they aren't rejected or...

How to Keep Your Job

Although there may not be any such thing as a job which is 100% secure it is likely these ten tips will help you if your company decides to cut heads. Kim Goff does an admirable job in this article...

15 Ways to Keep Your Job

Despite the trillion plus dollars spent by two administrations, job losses in the U.S. and around the world are at record levels. Most companies are not prepared to make it through this environment. There is one certainty in this financial...

TMC is Hiring Salespeople and a Designer

Dear blog readers, your assistance is appreciated. We are looking for talented sales people - entry level and sales management. We have many resumes already but I thought it made sense to reach out to my readers in case they...

Why We Needed This Economic Reboot

It is impossible to watch the news or read the paper these days without feeling a sense of fear. Will I keep my job? My house? My investments? My car? And I am with you. I feel the pain of...
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