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The Scary Apple Pay Takeover iconectiv Helps Stop

Personally Identifiable Information or PII is leaking out of companies faster than ever. Equifax had two major hacks in a matter of months, Yahoo had three-billion emails stolen and so on. We could devote this entire post to various hacks...

Sandisk Partners With Carriers to Boost Revenue

Sandisk execs Pedro Vargas and Mike Wong explain how memory chips with a 32-bit processor can help carriers looking to maximize revenue. ...

Ooma Telo Coming Soon

When I last caught up with Ooma in New York I had a chance to learn about their slick new Telo device which looks like a blend of art and communications. I have always been a fan of Bang &...

Count Cards With Your iPhone

 Of the 15,000 applications now available on the iPhone, it figures one would allow you to count cards. Not surprisingly A Blackjack Card Counter allows you improve your odds of winning in stealth mode meaning you can benefit from computer-assisted...
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