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Cablevision Merges Facebook Photos with TV

Pay-TV companies have a tough road ahead of them as content providers are pressing for more compensation and advertising is under pressure in-part because of the economy and the use of DVRs. So raising prices is one of the...

Carl Ford Discusses 4G, Backhaul, M2M and More

I started my day today with a cup of coffee and this article from Carl Ford about some areas of discussion at the upcoming 4GWE show in about two weeks in Los Angeles, California. White space, backhaul and machine to...

Sonus CTO Leaves for Tellabs

I have written about Vikram Saksena in the past - and as CTO of Sonus, I have had the chance to speak with him a few times and have always been impressed at how he has been able to discuss...

T-Mobile -- Growing Revenue by Helping Parents

Mobile carriers are so in the driver seat. They really are. There is a good deal of money to be made in this space for a reason that may not be obvious. It is kids. You see, one of the...


One Number for Life is the tagline of GrandCentral the brainchild of Craig Walker who by the way was one of the Internet Telephony Magazine's Top 100 voices of IP Communications. He was also president and CEO of DialPad and...

Internet Telephony Magazine April 2006 Publisher's Outlook

The following is a portion of my April 2006 Internet Telephony Magazine Publisher's Outlook:There is Enough Broadband CompetitionI get the general sense that our government believes we already have enough broadband competition. I think that the FCC believes service providers...
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