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Here Come Electric Cars -- Really

To its credit, GM did come out with an electric car before any other auto manufacturer. The EV1 was introduced in the mid-nineties and GM cited lack of profitability among other reasons to kill the billion dollar project. In hindsight,...

The Importance of Communications

Do we realize the importance of what we do? I have been thinking about this question a great deal lately. I see the amazing technology being developed by the entire industry and I just can't help but wonder - do...

Daylight Savings Time: OPEC's Friend

Indiana is home to four important things... Interactive Intelligence, some of the best steaks you will find anywhere, some of the nicest people around and really bizarre daylight savings rules that made it virtually impossible to know what time it...

Live Earth

You may have been reading some of the latest Live Earth posts from TMC’s Green Blog. As I sit here at my computer watching streaming concerts from around the globe I start to think about the massive quantity of data...

Green Technology World

The green conference I discussed here a few days ago has officially become Green Technology World™ to be held Sept 11-12, 2007 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. For more information please check out this press release. We are very...
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