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eBay Founder Launches Paid News Service

With all the talk of the death of old media and the possible saving of the business by the iPad and/or Kindle it is great to see that at least another revenue-generating model is on the table for pundits to...

Qualcomm iMoD: Breakthrough Biomemetic Screen Technology

One of the more interesting items worth sharing from this past week's CTIA show last week in Las Vegas is an interview with Cheryl Goodman of Qualcomm who showed me a prototype of a revolutionary biomemetic screen technology called Mirasol...

Apple Tablet Optimized for Books, News

It seems based on numerous reports that the Apple tablet will be optimized for books and newspapers meaning we may see some very innovative screen technology when the device is released. Why? Well e-readers generally don't use the same screens...

Android-Based iPod Competitor Wanted

I have noticed a trend in the market consisting of people telling me they are waiting for an Android-based iPod competitor which works with WiFi and has a microphone. While many contemplate the Google business model for their new Nexus...
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