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TMC Goes JibJab

The TMC team apparently has been very busy keeping our audience entertained. For the latest creation take a look at the Night of the Living Republicans starring the TMC team. How many TMC team members can you recognize?...

Open Communications is the Future

If there is one thing Avaya is doing exceedingly well it is courting developers. Out of all the PBX vendors, Avaya has decided they will be the leader in this space. Cisco and Inter-Tel (now Mitel U.S.) have also done...

Avaya DevConnect 2007

As you may recall from a recent post, TMC has partnered with Avaya to promote its Developer Connection or DevConnect event which is taking place this week. Here are some photos of this standing room only conference which I...

Mobility as Strategic Advantage

It is obvious that mobile device proliferation has had a dramatic increase in productivity for knowledge workers worldwide. In addition it is well known the US government and military functions more effectively because it relies on Blackberrys.   It goes...

PR and Marketing Done Right

Oftentimes companies in the communications space ask me how they are doing compared to their competition in the areas of marketing and PR. They generally do this by asking me to take surveys about their company’s standing in the market....

Reselling VoIP

Calling all consultants, VARs, systems integrators and other resellers… Be on the look out for information on how you can make money selling IP communications. Specifically hosted communications. Now that I have got you looking, please indulge me as I...
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