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Software Telcos Based on NFV Want Less Equipment Provider M&A

Mergers are nothing new but about a decade ago in the telecom market they reached a fever pitch when SBC purchased AT&T and rebranded itself with the name of the acquired company. At the time it became common in the...

TMC's New NFV News and Analysis Site

The move from proprietary hardware to software running on commercial off-the-shelf servers at the world’s telcos is one of the biggest transformations we will see this decade. Over time we can expect to see a number of network functions which...

Alianza Wants to Host Your Software Telco

The software telco(r)evolution representing the move from hardware to software is perhaps the biggest trend in the world of carrier telecom this decade. Whenever we see such disruption in a market, it becomes an opportunity for new entrants to displace...

Metaswitch Clearwater: Game Changing Open Source IMS Initiative

The march to a software telco world is progressing nicely Communications service providers are at war with OTT providers and need to ensure they are able to battle on as level a playing field as possible. There are significant costs...

FreeWave Technologies Provides Secure, Long-Range Radio Communications

Submarine cable systems between the UK, Canada and Paris became essential in the 1850s as the British government found itself in a situation where it would fight wars, sign treaties and still have thousands of soldiers in the field fighting...

Heading to the Airport

I am on my way to Orlando for VoiceCon followed by CTIA. Have a great day....
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