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Israel VC Funds Down 92% from High

Some of the best technology in the world was invented in Israel. The VoIP market was launched in the country and the biblical land of milk and honey still leads the world in communications and technology. Many US-based companies do...

Cuil: Lack of Money, Not Focus?

I have mentioned in the past that Google has a tremendous advantage in search over Microsoft and Yahoo because it is able to focus better as it has less going on. If that were true, now that Google has become...

ShoreTel's FlexGuard, A Great Idea

In an environment where leases and credit are becoming more difficult to come by, truly innovative companies who are able to do so, are coming up with new and innovative ways to extend credit to customers. Moreover, at least one...

Strategy Change: Make Money

In my conversations with a number of CEOs of small tech and communications companies, one thing has become clear. The market for exiting businesses has become tougher. This is common sense and the added challenge is with today's stock...
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