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You Have to Check out This Massive Amazon Tablet Sale!

Photo courtesy of Gizmodo Australia. While Apple is selling its iPad Pro 12.9-inch tablet for north of $1,149 (on sale for $999 today), Amazon is selling tablets for almost the price of the case!Specifically, Prime members can get a  Fire HD...

Amazon Fire Phone Should be a Laptop

I’ve written a lot of headlines in my life but this one is among the oddest. Why on earth does a phone need to be a laptop? I know what you’re thinking... Rich Tehrani flew to Colorado to do a...

iPod Nanos Exploding in Japan

If you are reading this while listening to your iPod nano purchased in Japan, it may be time to take a few step back from this popular music player before it shoots flames.  For more information on this  problem,...

More Laptop Battery Problems

You remember a few years back when Sony batteries were being recalled every few weeks from one laptop line or another. Well, we could be dealing this similar incidents again as a Samsung laptop caught fire and an LG laptop...

No Laptops on Planes

Regulators are exploring how to deal with the emergence of laptop fires on airplanes. Talks of banning laptops and other battery powered devices is taking place as you read this. This is quite a horrifying thought. Here are the details...
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