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How Cisco Needs to Sell the Cius Tablet

I'm on my way to New York to visit with Cisco and learn about the new Cius business tablet. The opportunity for Cisco here is huge as if it is able to sell large volumes of these devices, they can...

LinkedIn IPO Means More Public Tech Offerings

LinkedIn’s incredible IPO success tells us one thing – that many other tech companies are more confident than ever been about going public. Bet before we go there let’s take look at what happened. The company went public at $45...

Tools I Used at ITEXPO East 2010

I used a slew of technology at the show but two products are worth special mention. The first is the Flip Mino HD video recorder which excelled in low-light conditions and allowed me to take rapid and high-quality videos of...

Name That New Kodak Gadget!

Years back I started to utilize the website ofoto to store my pictures. What a great service with its ability to share your photos immediately with others. Years later Kodak purchased the company and integrated it into its backend photo...
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