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Call Centers Aid Iowa

Time and time again, today's call center industry -- especially outsourcing companies such as West, APAC, Infocision and others have helped benefit mankind by offering their services to help with worthy causes. For example, many charity events have incoming donation...

Avtech Software Protects Data Centers

Companies spend incredible sums of money on their communications and technology infrastructure but all too often they do not focus enough attention on protecting the investment in such equipment. As telepresence, unified communications, handheld devices, mobility and IP communications turbocharge...

Going to New York

I've got some meetings in New York today. Yesterday was the rainiest day in recent memory. I wonder if the city is still flooded. A friend was traveling on a bus in Connecticut last night ands the bus encountered a...

Where is Rich?

Today, Rich is in Dallas, Texas. Last night he was supposed to go to a Yankee game but due to weather and traffic he was stuck for many hours on the highway. 100 MPH gusts blew over a tractor trailer....
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