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Telecommuting Tax: Now The States Are Killing Jobs

In August of last year I explained why there are so few jobs – in part the problem revolves around demonizing the successful by our politicians and in-part because of excessive taxation. Part of the support for my post was...

Fox Pulls Business and More from Cablevision

Update - The post originally said Fox pulled News but it instead pulled its Business channel - news is still there.I was not amused to see this message on the TV when I got to my office. I am sure...

Dear Government, Please Stop "Helping" Us

I have said before that the Obama administration has been the most anti-business of any administration I have ever seen. There is hostility towards success achieved through legal business means and demonization of virtually every profession (except ironically lawyers, professors...

Goldman's Interest in Green IPO Helps Obama Relationship

I read with tremendous interest about Goldman Sachs and their unusual interest in PetroAlgae, a company in the renewable energy field which is not only small but losing money. Generally a company like Goldman would laugh at such a small...
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