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French Web Precursor Minitel to Shut Down

France Telecom is shutting down Minitel - the precursor to the web - a service which provides information services to the carrier's customers. In less than a year, the service will be shuttered despite recently having about 10 million subscribers.Like...

GlobeCast Interview With Matthew Rosenstein

GlobeCast is a division of France Telecom and is a broadbast service provider handling content management and delivery for broadcasters and other companies. According to Mathew Rosenstein, the company has an extensive satellite and fiber network and they are expanding...

We're No Shrinking Violet Says Nortel's Carrier Chief

Nortel is an interesting company from the perspective that they have an inherent advantage in their product development as they cater to two separate markets - enterprise and carrier, which need similar products. The company can afford to easily sell...

France Telecom in the Movies

The next move for telecom companies is to look outside telecomIt would seem that if cable and phone companies are set for a war, the phone companies need to hurry up and catch up in one of the areas cable...

More Vonage IPO Analysis

Here is my June 2006 Publisher’s Outlook in Internet Telephony Magazine which is important because I discuss the Vonage IPO. Everyone from friends to relatives are asking me about what they should do. I hope this helps:-----Coming Soon: The VoIP...
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