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Forget Disney, Head to Finland for Angry Birds

Angry Birds has certainly taken the world by storm and over Thanksgiving while visiting Disney World I was surprised to see how many people were wearing Angry Birds related clothing - especially shirts. Now, Rovio, the company behind the addictive...

Gameloft Reinvents Self at 3D GTML5 Game on Google+

I am a huuuge Gameloft fan – which subsequently means my family isn’t. Some of my favorite games are N.O.V.A 2 a futuristic game where you kill aliens and robots on another planet, Zombie Infection, a game where you basically...

Kinect as Spying Tool

You already know I love Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox 360 - and the sports game is pretty awesome having used it for a few hours. My shoulders hurt from boxing and ping-pong - quite amazing how the brain dupes...

VoIP Killer App From Skype

I am convinced after speaking with Paul Amery of Skype at TMC’s recent Communications Developer Conference that one serious killer application in our market is the integration of VoIP applications and ecosystems of partners. Now I use VoIP loosely in...
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