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Loving Boingo

I am sitting here in LaGuardia Airport in New York, waiting for my flight to Miami for ITEXPO and loving Boingo. I thought it would be a hassle to download and use it but it was the easiest thing I...

Google Gears Powers MySpace

There is a fascinating transformation always taking place in computing. Mainframe computing relied on dumb terminals and then as clients became smarter, we started to migrate to client/server environments. Over time, news ways of working appeared and disappeared and more...

Google Gears for Mobile

It is here... Finally here. Google Gears is a middleware program with tremendous potential as it allows web based applications to run, even when there is no web connectivity. Currently, using Google Gears is a bit clunky meaning you have...

Google Growing too Quickly?

Something in me switched this week regarding Google. We all know that no company can grow infinitely large in a rapid fashion without having massive communications failures that slow decision making down. Eventually companies become political messes that go nowhere....
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