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Google Adds Security

The day’s news has been pretty steady and one of the most interesting bits coming across my screen is certainly Google’s decision to add security from Postini into their Google Apps Premier service. This is a great idea as Google...

Use Skype, go to Jail

OK, I have been writing about Skype almost continually and this is not intentional. There is just a great deal of news about the company lately. For example, George Ou discusses today how a man in the UK was arrested...

WiFi not Secure – Clarified

I just received this e-mail from Francois Doremieux, Senior Program Manager, Product Group: Customer Experience in response  to my WiFi is Insecure post from last week. I thought it worth sharing.   ----   Hello Rich It was a pleasure...

WiFi is not Secure

George Ou has an excellent write-up about how insecure Web 2.0 applications are over WiFi. The problem? Unencrypted traffic which can be recorded, analyzed and used against you. He starts with a basic example of a Gmail account getting hijacked....

Eliminating Crapware

George Ou is running out of patience with crapware – the software which is installed mostly on PCs and sometimes Macs. These programs are rarely used and add to reboot time and reduce screen real estate. Thankfully Ou has some...
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