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A Trip to the Corning Museum of Glass

Over the past five years or so, glass has evolved from being just a display for our technology to the interface itself. If you dismiss all prior and unsuccessful attempts where a stylus was used, the iPhone began this trend....

Wearable Computing: Your Hand Becomes the Keyboard

There all sorts of companies working on glasses which they believe will either replace or augment the smartphone. Question is, exactly how do you type on such a device? The answer according to Google is to project a keyboard on...

Have Apple Laptops Crossed the Enterprise Chasm?

What my Trip to Silicon Valley Taught me About AppleThere is constant debate about what the future is of Apple and Microsoft and after a trip to San Jose, CA this week where my company met with over 175 leading...

iPad 2, Is it Glass or Plastic?

Perhaps the most amazing innovation of the iPad 2 is the glass screen which is thinner and far more flexible. It is like plastic in fact as this video below shows. Think for a moment how much more useful screens...

Will iPad 2 Glass Break?

Recently I discussed how walking around with an iPad 2 in my hands made me feel like I was carrying around a priceless vase. Part of the reason is the glass is thinner and the case only covers half of...

A Future Made of Glass?

I don't often write about glass, but this is the second post in a row  (here is the first) on the topic. Obviously this must be pretty good for me to be so repetitive. Corning has a new video about...
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