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When will Environmentalists Learn to Leave Apple Alone?

With the advent of climategate and scientists who have changed their mind on global warming, it is surprising that environmentalists are still harassing companies about their carbon emissions. While it is reasonable to pressure computer companies to not use carcinogenic...

$1,000 For Pic of Al Gore Shoveling Snow

With all due respect to the VP who was a past TMC expo keynoter who by the way did an outstanding job. It just seems too ironic to not request such a picture - I would want exclusive rights of...

Antarctic Waters Less Salty

As icebergs melt, at least two bad things happen. The first is they have less surface area to reflect the sun's rays meaning the ocean receives more of these rays and in turn this warms the earth more than...

There is no Spring

Ok – not be alarmist. We all know there is global warming. Even Google had a melting Google logo on their site this past Earth Day. I have complained for the past five years there is no spring and this...

Global Warming

I haven’t blogged in a few days. Friday of last week was certainly a banner day for me from a blog perspective as I had 6 entries. In the future I may have to learn to space things out better....

Sea Levels Could Increase by 25 Meters

Greenland's ice caps are apparently melting at a rapid clip. Here is a story that discusses the potential problems of this happening. In addition there is discussion about how current climate models may not be able to predict how high...
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