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Truphone, GlowPoint, XConnect, In Store Solutions News and More

Today, TMC hosted a number of companies in the communications and technology spaces and it was a learning experience for all. Much news was broken and you can expect a torrent of related articles from my editors this week. TMC's...

Glowpoint's Aspiring Global Video Community

Recently Glowpoint put out the news they had record call volumes and I thought it made sense to learn more so I interviewed the company's CEO Michael Brandofino. The company plays in spaces which have been resistant to the slowing...

Taqua Success

The resurgence being seen in the IP communications space has changed or refocused the business models of countless companies. VoIP and video over IP growth seem unabated and there has been record M&A activity in the market as of late....

VoIP and Santa

Is VoIP too mainstream now? I have seen research that says that most people think VoIP is a type of a vodka. I respectfully disagree. Everyone seems to know what this technology is and if they don’t know the term...
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