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Does Apple Blacklist Reporters?

You may remember about a year ago I wrote about how the hype around Apple is so great that they are often credited with doing things first – even though they clearly haven’t. For example the iPad 2 was not...

Trends and Surprises Regarding Google's 2011 Advertisers

Google’s 2011 revenues were $37.9 billion last year and 96% of that money came from ads. Now I know what you are thinking. Where is all that money coming from? Well thankfully, the people at Wired put together an infographic...

Are .CO Domain Names Important?

Dotcoms are what people recognize most online with .BIZ and others taking a distant back seat. Yet when I heard the .CO domain names were coming I immediately saw how they would be similar enough to .COMs that perhaps they...

4 Scams To Watch For This Holiday Season

Fictitious snow plow services: With the holidays and hard times upon us, it is incumbent upon all business owners and management to be aware of scams. Some of the best ones to be on the lookout for are snow plow...

Vonage Destroys IPO Market?

This article points to Vonage as one of the factors making for a poor IPO market. The colossal blowup of Internet phone company Vonage is scaring IPO investors and IPO hopefuls alike, says Joel Greenberg, partner at law firm Kaye...
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