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Tomorrow is Purchase Google Glass Day!

If you are a wearable tech fan, tomorrow is a big day as you will finally be able to (if you are lucky) get ahold of Google Glass for yourself. Talk about a great way to ease the pain of...

Wearable Tech Expo NY 2013 Live Blog

Please use hashtag #WearableTechCon for this eventCheck out photos from the event8:34 am EST: The show is about to begin - the excitement is building.Tony Rizzo kicks off the event and discusses how the wearable market is reaching a tipping...

Apple's YSL Hire Means iWearable Tech is Coming

Many believe wearable technology will do to tablets and smartphones what they did to laptops and PCs. There is certainly high probability that at a minimum, today’s mobile devices will lose large amounts of share to computers you wear. The...

Does Wearable Tech Make You a Jerk

To the fashionable, the latest technology innovations have typically been frowned upon. Wearing a bluetooth headset is more accepted than ever but still has a stigma in certain social circles. Apple is an example of a company that understood and...

Wearable Computing: Your Hand Becomes the Keyboard

There all sorts of companies working on glasses which they believe will either replace or augment the smartphone. Question is, exactly how do you type on such a device? The answer according to Google is to project a keyboard on...
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