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Google Apps Marketplace Brings Walled Garden to the Desktop

Years back TMC launched a magazine titled IMS which stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem - and represented an architecture model allowing carriers to open up their networks to developers who would in turn take a revenue split in exchange for...

Google and Enterprise Search

One of the constants in the enterprise is a proliferation of systems and data which is directly responsible for increase storage needs. This last fall in fact IDC predicted a 62% CAGR for unstructured data. Moreover enterprise storage as a...

Google Docs Outage

Should SaaS Vendors Be More Accountable?Google had an outage in its office application division today. One wonders how they haven't had something similar happen with their search engine but the docs and spreadsheets were affected. I would imagine if both...

Google Docs Gets Gears

For all the benefits of cloud computing otherwise known as ASP-based service, on-demand, hosted and software as a service or SaaS there is a major drawback. Some applications are needed on the go... And the cloud doesn't follow you everywhere...

Google Apps Get Unified Communications

It was bound to happen... Google Apps have finally become connected to the world of Unified communications. Thanks to Voice Mobility, you can now integrate Google Apps with your unified communications system in your campus or corporate environment. As...
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