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Some Terrible Android Advice

I just came across an article which was horrifying to me as it gives advice which is so wrong it should be outlawed. To be fair, the article written by Elizabeth Woyke over at Forbes explains survey results from Haydn...

T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Emulator

Like you, I am very curious to see how the much discussed Googlephone the G1 based on Google Android will function. Will it be more like Windows Mobile or iPhone I wondor. After spending some time with the new G1...

Android Sans SIP and IMS

I found some interesting analysis over at the Google Phone blog regarding Android’s missing SIP and IMS stacks. Here is the piece if you are interested in learning more....

Google Negotiates with Sprint Nextel

In what seems to be a never-ending story, CNBC now reports Google is in talks with Sprint Nextel about a possible Google Phone. Apparently Google is talking with everyone but AT&T. Just recently I blogged about Google and Verizon and...

ITEXPO Weeks Away

I just can’t believe that Internet Telephony Conference & Expo is five short weeks away. I just can’t wait for September 10-12th in Los Angeles. Boy is the summer going by fast. Thankfully I read Ken Kamp’s blog where he...

iPhone, U-Phone, Everybody G-Phone

This year has been the absolutely most tumultuous ever in terms of wireless communications and these changes can and will have a dramatic effect on your business. You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing Apple’s iPhone in action. Kids...
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